Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life & Hope

Everyone never really know what's waiting for you in life

My life is completely open to anything now
Who knows who I will spend my next christmas with?
Or who I'll meet a year from now?
Where I will live ten years from now?

Life is pretty damn exciting if one looks at all the possibilities
and there will always be sunshine after it rains.
For something new to start, something old has to end.

Anything is possible.
Anything can happen.
And there is still hope.
Then there will always be hope...

Between Love and Goodbye

Between Love and Goodbye

When you weren't around, I was OK
I used to have time for my friends all day
When you weren't around, I was alright
I need some time alone tonight
so what will you do, if I leave you here alone?
and how will you feel, if I won't be coming home?
cause I got myself to save
so I might be gone, if you call on me tonight

Between Love and Goodbye
I won't be living in the middle this time
Between Love and Goodbye
I got a heart of gold you'll never find

When you weren't around, I was myself
I never had to think of anyone else
When you weren't around, I always knew
just where my life was going to
so I can't create what we haven't see
but I can't escape living in a dream
and my fear is at it's height
so i might fall far like the star in heaven tonight

Between Love and Goodbye
I won't be living in the middle this time
Between Love and Goodbye
I got a heart of gold you'll never find

The thought of losing you tonight
makes me wanna stay and fight
but I can't touch what you believe
should I leave?

Between Love and Goodbye
I won't be living in the middle this time
Between Love and Goodbye
I got a heart of gold you'll never find

Between Love and Goodbye
I got a heart of gold you'll never find
Between Love and Goodbye~

Monday, June 1, 2009


Chapter 1, Sierra
18 years old, she's back

Sierra is the girl without a body to live, is a 18 years old spirit, she was born with her younger brother - Leo, but when she came out from her mother body, she is dead, she is the person who is in between dead & life.

When Leo 18 years old birthday, she is back to Leo, she was always waiting for the right time, the key, for back to Leo, for using Leo body to revenge, revenge all the unfair, revenge all the forgotten from parents & anyone, she will use the body of Leo to start all the revenge that she wanted......

Saturday, May 30, 2009

De Bar

De Bar

A bar at damandesar, which is a brand new open lesbian karaoke pub, this is the third times that I been there, this place the interior design is quite nice, I personal quite like it, is more on the lighting thing. All the staff in De Bar is quite nice treat customers, and also got 1 thing that I need to mention, the chicken fried rice at there can be recommended, is nice.


This time I know 2 new friends from Joe gor, Jing and Rat, very friendly and nice person, for a friends they are very true friend, always take care of friends that make sure all of their friends is ok.

Joe gor

At last is my Joe gor, Joe gor is a friend that I knew on last christmas eve at 65 pub, me and her always can talk about the personal thing of each others, she very sayang me this ar di, when I down and sad that times, she always be with me, every moment, except for working hours, wahahaha, I'm glad that have you in my life be my gor gor, and 1 last last thing is thank you very much Joe gor......

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


2009, what a year, everything is not grow like what I think, is this call life?

Life is unfair, but why some people will grow like what they want? Why some people not?

If this is what god give us a test, then when is the test over, still got how long? I won't let my life grow like what I don't want, this is my life, I am the 1 who control it, not others person, is me, is just me.

This is my life, i want to be what I want, I want to be what I need to be, I need to tell I am Leo, but now I will become Lion, just wait and see......

Poker Face搏克脸

Poker face

Poker Face搏克脸, 什么是
搏克脸? 在这世界上真的那么的需要吗? 如果是的话,那我也希望我能学会,但在事业或社会上,每个人都搏克脸,不就会很假吗?


搏克脸,起码不会因为我的低落而影响别人. 但我可以肯定我不会对我爱的人摆出搏克脸,我会以最真的我对待我爱的人......

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This year TERMINATOR finally come out the part 4, this times is about the future, the main character John Conner is the 1 who play in the new batman character, Christian bale, all the computer graphic is better than before, highly recommended!

I think this TERMINATOR SALVATION is better than the part 3, actually I think the TERMINATOR 3-RISE OF THE MACHINES is suck, too mess in the story line, but this TERMINATOR SALVATION it won't let you disappoint after you watch it, it won't let you feel boring every single minutes.

This movie is showing on 28 of may 2009, Must watch!!!

Also need to thanks to him that let me can watch this TERMINATOR SALVATION before its showing to the whole Malaysia, Thank you very much......